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Mark A. Pickett

Mark’s stori begins at the age of ten when he first began designing furniture. This turned out to be much more than a phase as he later went on to study at the University of Cincinnati School of Design. There, he says he did some of his worst work.

“For my senior thesis I chose to design a portable kitchen cabinet system. I was in way over my head. I nearly failed, but I walked away with many lessons from the process.”.

Today, Mark is inspired by the challenge of making something new from the age-old processes of manufacturing – and it shows in his designs for Stori Modern. His design philosophy is to ask why, listen and then find a solution.

So what is Mark’s favorite stori?

“When my oldest son was 12, we traveled to the Beijing Olympics. Our first meal was dim sum, and I ordered by pointing at a dozen items on the English menu, thinking that I was ordering individual pieces. Then the food began to arrive by the plate. Very quickly, our table was filled with a dozen plates of dumplings – that's about 120 dumplings for two people!”