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Sunbrella outdoor fabric on Stori Modern Graphic patio furniture

Patio Furniture Fabric: Sunbrella®

Sunbrella outdoor fabric on Stori Modern Graphic patio furniture

Stori Modern Graphic Collection

Great-looking patio furniture doesn’t only involve high-quality iron, aluminum and wicker construction (which, of course, you want), but it also needs fabric that withstands Mother Nature’s mood swings.

We love Sunbrella® fabric for patio furniture for many reasons, and we use the fabric throughout our Stori Modern patio furniture collections. Sunbrella® creates a beautiful array of fabrics in various colors, patterns and prints, and is a valued partner for us in creating patio furniture that’s meant not only to last, but also to look pretty for years.

How does Sunbrella® help make patio furniture so great?

All-Weather Wear

Ever experienced the frustration of buying new patio furniture only to have the accompanying cushions and covers look tired and worn by summer’s end? Sunbrella® fixes those woes. The all-weather fabric stands up to wind and rain like magic. It doesn’t fade or fray, and keeps your patio furniture looking fresh for the next season. Winning all around.

Sunbrella outdoor fabric on Stori Modern Fairy Tale patio furniture

Stori Modern Fairy Tale Collection

Resists Reacting

Adding to its magic, Sunbrella® fabrics not only resist the elements, they also don’t react to them. Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, Sunbrella® protects your patio furniture from mold and mildew. The fabric dries quickly, even after heavy rains, so you or your guests don’t have any awkward sit-and-squish moments on your favorite outdoor chair.


Not only are Sunbrella® fabrics pretty and weather-resistant, they’re also washable. Dribble ketchup from your burger onto your patio furniture while wildly gesturing? Not a problem! If your cushions or pillow covers happen to be removable, you can machine wash them on a gentle, cool wash setting. If they’re not removable, use mild soap and spot treat with a soft brush. Lay the fabric flat and let it air dry. No one needs to know about your enthusiastically clumsy moment.

Sun Protection

If you have an awning or umbrella that is made with Sunbrella® fabric, you’re getting 98% UV protection. Stay shielded from the sun’s harsh rays in style while lounging on your patio. 

Sunbrella outdoor fabric on Stori Modern Tabloid patio furniture

Stori Modern Tabloid Collection


Ever sat down on patio furniture and felt like the fabric was scratchy and stiff? That’s because it wasn’t Sunbrella® The material is soft and comfortable – exactly what you want when relaxing on your patio.

To recap: Sunbrella® consistently looks good year-round, resists reacting negatively to the environment, stays clean, and provides protection and comfort. Basically, we need the significant-other equivalent of Sunbrella® in our lives.