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Create summer hygge with Stori Modern Outdoor Furniture

Summer Hygge

Create summer hygge with Stori Modern Outdoor Furniture

What the hell is hygge? It’s a part of Scandinavian culture that’s become an undefinable trend for the rest of the first world.

Although there isn’t an exact English translation for the Danish word, hygge (pronounced hooga) is often described by phrases like “cozy comfort” and “relaxing with friends”. It’s usually associated with the fall and winter seasons (think hot beverages, candles, warm blankets, chunky wool sweaters, etc.). But Meik Wiking, the CEO of The Happiness Research Institute and author of “The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living” claims that the concept of hygge is also perfect for summer.

“While summer may not encourage the use of candles and fireplaces, summer can be hyggelig, too,” says Wiking. “Summer is the smell of new-mown grass, suntanned skin, sunscreen, and salt water. Summer hygge…builds on the key elements of togetherness and good food.”

Here are three ways to hygge this summer:


In Wiking’s opinion, “There are few things more hyggelig than spending a day in an orchard picking fruit.” Extra hygge points if you use said fruit to bake some homemade pies for your family and friends. Give Martha Stewart a run for her money.

Host a Barbecue

Invite your friends and family over for casual food and drinks. Make cooking a group effort. Impress your guests with an interesting, on-trend conversation about the concept of hygge.

Play Croquet

Bring back a classic for some fun and games this summer. In true hygge fashion, croquet is laid back and doesn’t require much physical movement - which, thankfully, makes it ideal for simultaneously sipping your favorite cocktail. Side note: the Danes have an affinity for whiskey and schnapps, so we say drink as the Danes would for the ultimate hygge. 

create summer hygge by playing croquet