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stori modern tabloid lounge chair and ottoman in white by the pool

Seven Ways to Have the Best Summer

tabloid lounge chair and ottoman in white by the pool

Stori Modern Tabloid Outdoor Furniture Collection

This summer may not be going exactly as we'd planned, but there are still lots of ways for us all to have fun. We're all for enjoying our favorite season safely, and we've been creatively focusing on ways to squeeze lemonade out of the crazy amount of lemons this year has sent our way. Here are seven ways to have the best summer!


pretty girl relaxing by the river

Staycation Inspiration via The Kennedy Curate


With lots travel plans interrupted and safety precautions adjusting frequently these days, it's not very easy to plan a vacation. But most of us feel like we need one now more than ever. The solution? A staycation! Find a spot down the road, schedule time off and take a local trip. Spending time in nature can be cathartic, and you may find yourself being a tourist in your own city or state for the first time ever. Visit cool landmarks, explore parks and trek trails. The possibilities are endless.


mom and daughter in DIY tie-dye

DIY Tie Dye Inspiration via Kari Jane

DIY Tie-Dye

The 1960s trend has fully reemerged to keep us all busy and give new WFH wardrobes (i.e. sweatpants) a much-needed refresh. It's one of those fun, simple and rewarding craft project even non-crafty people can tackle without intimidation. What do you need? First, your sweatpants, sweatshirt, t-shirt, or other apparel preferably made from natural fibers. Lightly dampen your apparel, then twist and secure with rubber bands into your chosen shape or technique. Mix up your dyes, apply and let them set for 8 to 10 hours. Then launder your new tie dye according to your kit instructions and proudly sport your fresh new look.


comfy slippers soup and a good book

Digital Detox Inspiration via Wu Haus

Digital Detox

Between keeping informed and in touch with our favorite people, we've all inevitably been spending much more time on our various devices and screens than we probably should. Schedule time this summer to disconnect from it all with a digital detox and plan some analog ways to entertain yourself in advance, like working on an art project, putting together jigsaw puzzles or reading a hardcopy book. Stop to smell the roses instead of only seeing them on social media. Find a great way to give your mind and eyes a refreshing break.


girl meditating in headphones

Meditation Inspiration via Verywell Mind


Stress can get the best of all of us sometimes, so we need productive ways to channel our nervous energies and quiet our minds. Meditation use to feel woo-woo, but thanks to modern scientific research findings showing the benefits of mindfulness, meditation is now widely-explored and accessible. If you're new to meditation, try using an app Headspace to see if it's right for you. And if you've meditated sporadically before, this summer is your time to shine. Create and stick to a mindfulness routine and have the best summer ever one deep breath at a time.


fiction book covers of recommended summer reads

Fiction Inspiration via Parade

Read Fiction

Summer beach reads are a thing for a reason. Escaping reality by getting lost in a really good story is not only captivating but can also be really rejuvenating. And you know we're fans of fantastic stories. We enjoy working our way through contemporary fiction every summer, and this one is no exception. The bookworms at Parade put together a great guide to kickstart inspiration. Reading great stories is a foolproof way to have the best summer. 


picnic with chees plate and rose' wine

Picnic Inspiration via Shanley Cox Creative


Take full advantage of the beautiful summer weather by packing weekend picnics. Treat yourself to some of your favorite drinks, snacks and sandwiches, find a pretty spot at a nearby park, lay out a blanket and enjoy! Or better yet support local small businesses by ordering takeout and using your favorite restaurant as personal catering for your perfect picnic. Bon appétit!


tabloid lounge chair and ottoman in white front view

Stori Modern Tabloid Outdoor Furniture Collection


Summer sunshine is one of our favorite things in the whole wide world. Even though our dermatologists will probably all cringe at this declaration, we love sunbathing in the summer. Be sure to slather yourself thoroughly with sunscreen and wear a nice wide brimmed hat for extra coverage, but once you're fully protected soak up that vitamin D through those sunny rays. You'll of course need a comfy sunbathing spot. Our Tabloid Outdoor Lounge Chair is one of our favorite places to lay out. The modern outdoor chair is super durable and features all-weather HDPE wicker that's been hand-woven around a tubular stainless-steel frame. Topped with high-quality Sunbrella® seat, back and bolster cushions that are fade- and mildew-resistant, Tabloid is easy on the eyes and can take the summer heat. Available in both bright and neutral weave and fabric choices, Tabloid's Outdoor Lounge Chair will effortlessly fit right in with your perfect summer style.

Despite interrupted plans and unexpected changes, let's still have the best summer!