Stori Modern Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Bikini Top

Stori Modern Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan, Photography by Lisa Petrole

This may feel like a not-so-humble-brag, but we’re huge fans of our Outdoor Ceiling Fan Collection. Let’s be honest, ceiling fans that look sleek and sophisticated are hard to come by as is. Add the extra layer of technology needed for outdoor ceiling fans and it can truly feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Which is why we created outdoor ceiling fans with our own outdoor spaces in mind. Truly wet-rated, well-built and stylish, our outdoor fans are crafted to withstand damp environments and really hot days, which is perfect for keeping your look fresh out on the patio this spring and summer. One of our favorite ceiling stars is Prologue, the perfect introduction to the best outdoor ceiling fans around.     


Stori Modern Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan near Town Lake

Stori Modern Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan, Photography by Lisa Petrole

Ceiling Fan Setup

Prologue is not only gorgeous, it’s also truly wet-rated which makes it extra impressive. Most outdoor ceiling fans on the market are damp location rated only, which means if your outdoor ceiling fan is accidentally, indirectly sprayed by a light sprinkler mist, no problem, but if it’s in direct contact with any rain, the unit will deteriorate quickly. Outdoor ceiling fans with a wet location rating can withstand direct moisture including fog, rain and even snow! The setup for Prologue is engineered for performance and simplicity, so you won’t feel the need to throw it across your backyard during installation (we also provide an installation guide to help keep you sane). Prologue includes 80” of lead wire, a 6” downrod and a wireless remote for laid back living. The powerful motors with 52” blades and 12° pitch keep their cool while the 22 watt LED with opal frosted glass lights up the space. Or if you don’t need the lumens, you can keep the drama at full throttle with the included blank off kit. All of these great specs are backed by a limited lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

Stori Modern Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan without bikini top

Stori Modern Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan, Photography by Lisa Petrole

Ceiling Fan Features

People have taken notice of Prologue, including the stylish team at Traditional Home, who’ve dubbed the outdoor ceiling fan as a fresh way to “keep visitors cool” while hosting or simply relaxing in your backyard or patio. Won’t it be nice to have an outdoor ceiling fan that’s noticed for all the right reasons? Life’s too short to have to choose between fashion and function. Prologue combines both like it’s easy breezy.

Find a cool way to embrace seasonal transitions this spring and summer with Prologue. Come rain, shine or blistering heat, your outdoor space will stay a chill place to relax.