Stori Modern outdoor wet-rated ceiling fan - Prologue in Bronze

Stori Modern Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan

It’s hot. Really hot. But it’s also the time of year to soak up your outdoor space, especially if you’ve spent any length of time time prepping your patio to be fresh and pretty for the season. How do you enjoy your outdoor space during the mid-summer months while staying moderately cool and comfortable? Enter our Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan, our favorite summer hero.


Stori Modern Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan featured in Traditional Home Magazine

Stori Modern Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan, Featured in Traditional Home

Featured in Traditional Home in their list of Fresh Outdoor Furnishings, our Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan is the perfect way to “keep visitors cool” while hosting or simply relaxing in your backyard or patio. The outdoor ceiling fan is wet-location-rated and includes a wireless remote for convenience, a 153 x 18mm motor with a 52” blade sweep and a 22 watt LED opal frosted glass light. Those features may not mean much to you if you’re not already an experienced outdoor ceiling fan shopper, so let’s divulge what the details actually mean. 


Stori Modern Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan - in black

Stori Modern Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan

First, wet-location-rated. That’s a big deal in outdoor ceiling fan speak. Most outdoor ceiling fans are damp rated only, which is perfectly suitable for outdoor spaces like covered patios that stay almost completely dry regardless of inclement weather. But if your backyard or patio is directly exposed to rain or other elements, damp rated outdoor ceiling fans won’t be able to withstand the excessive wear and tear. True UL wet-location-rated ceiling fans can handle ice, snow, intense rain and salty ocean winds without breaking a sweat. Wet-location-rated outdoor ceiling fans are also made with all-weather blades finished with powder coated paint that protects them from rust or corrosion. The motor is encased behind a waterproof seal. Every last detail is designed for durability. Second, the motor. A 153 x 18mm motor means it’s powerful without sounding like a jet plane overhead. The 52” blade sweep is a nice size to make a statement without overpowering your outdoor space while still cutting through the heat effectively. Much like lighting your indoor space, LED light bulbs are also best for your outdoor space due to their energy efficiency and long lasting power. All these features mean that you stay cool and so does your patio.

Stori Modern Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan in white

Stori Modern Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan

To top it all off, Our Prologue Outdoor Ceiling Fan is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, which means it’s ready to take the stage on any patio or veranda. Come rain or shine, your favorite outdoor oasis will stay beautifully breezy.