Stori Modern Go Bananas outdoor pillow with monkey in sunglasses

Stori Modern Go Bananas Outdoor Pillow

Even if you’re not in college anymore, spring is a fantastic time to schedule a getaway. Jet setting to a fun spring vacation destination is a great way to rest and relax, breaking away from the daily grind for long enough to feel refreshed and ready to do all the things when you return. But with spring break being a notorious peak travel time, typical beachside vacation spots can be overpopulated and underwhelming. We have a few ideas for spring vacation destinations to explore that don’t have the typical college crowd flocking in droves but will still be engaging and restorative spots to be. Read on for some relaxation inspiration.


Multnomah Falls Oregon

Multnomah Falls via Travel Portland


An absolutely beautiful and entirely underrated spring vacation destination is Oregon. With consistent rainfall throughout the year, Oregon waterfalls are especially impressive in spring. Multnomah Falls is a fan favorite since it towers at 611 feet. Trails take fall visitors up to the historic Benson Bridge and around the base of the falls so you’re able to feel the crisp spray. Cherry blossoms bloom in Waterfront Park as part of the memorial garden for the Japanese American Historical Plaza. The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival features 40-acres of bright blooms from late March through April. Get up close and personal with the beauty of nature in Oregon. Plus with a variety of great local restaurants, you’ll return home feeling so full and happy. Literally.



Tulum Travel Guide via My Feet Will Lead Me


If it’s not a spring vacation destination without sun and a sandy shore for you, but you’re not very keen on rushing popular beaches alongside college students, Tulum is the place for you. Since later in the summer is Tulum’s hurricane season, spring is the perfect time to plan your trip. A town close by Cancún known as a hot spot for yoga retreats, Tulum is the ideal Zen getaway you’ve been dreaming about. Explore Mayan ruins, swim the Gran Cenote or layout on warm beaches. Margarita, anyone?



Coastal Towns in Spain via Condé Nast Traveler


An increasingly popular European spring vacation destination, Spain is not only beautiful and diverse, but it’s also convenient to travel through Spain with a Eurail Pass. Explore Barcelona, Madrid, and Toledo, and even venture internationally to France and Portugal. If you happen to be in Valencia March 15th through 19th, Las Fallas is an epic five-day fiesta that features fireworks, giant doll and puppets, bonfires, incredible street food, and impressive fireworks. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget, no matter how many sangrias you sip.  


Stori Modern Grapic collect at Modernism Week in Palm Springs California

Stori Modern Graphic Outdoor Furniture Collection

Your Patio

Life is full of responsibilities, and sometimes it’s not feasible to fly to a spring vacation destination on a whim. What’s the alternative? We say turn your patio into your personal getaway. Our Graphic Collection is one of our favorite options for making a fun statement. Graphic is our head-turning, award-winning, pop art masterpiece done in brightly colored aluminum and space-age fabrics. It’s contemporary yet retro. Soft while sturdy. Daring but durable. It’s a collection that was made to be seen, and it can’t seem to help but command the room (or patio). Lounge across the outdoor love seat with a straw hat and a beach read, or chill out on the outdoor lounge chair with a Mai Tai in hand. It’s your spring vacation, so make it what you want. Ideally take a few random mid-week days off work just because, but if you can’t find the time then designate a sacred spring vacation weekend to unwind and recharge. This stori is yours to tell, so make it a good one.