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Whether you adore celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other, or hate the hype of the holiday, Galentine’s Day is something every girl can get on board with. Popularized by Amy Pohler’s Parks and Recreation Character Leslie Knope as “only the best day of the year,” Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating female friendships. The traditional way to commemorate the day according to Leslie Knope is for everyone to “come and kick it, breakfast-style,” so we say host your favorite girlfriends for an epic Galentine’s Day brunch.


Galentines day pink cocktails via Best Friends

Galentine's Day Berry Citrus Fizz Cocktail Recipe via Best Friends for Frosting

Would it even be brunch without champagne? We think not. This berry citrus fizz cocktail recipe from the creative people over at Best Friends for Frosting was made with Galentine’s Day specifically in mind. Strawberry lemonade combined with fresh orange juice and champagne make this cocktail a citrus infused treat. Garnish with fresh strawberries and orange slices for a pretty presentation. Cheers!


Galentines Day pink donuts via Pinterest

Galentine's Day Donut Inspiration via Pinterest

If you want to go all out, you can of course bake your own donuts as many creative people do. But Galentine’s Day is about you, too. We say ditch the dough and go to your favorite donut shop for some easy and delicious brunch desserts. Let your sweet tooth live a little.


Galentines day heart-shaped omlets via Skinnytaste

Galentine’s Day Mini Omelets via Skinnytaste 

Because we all need some protein in our lives, we like the idea of adding these mini omelets to your Galentine’s Day brunch spread. The recipe is incredibly quick to whip up and takes less than thirty minutes to bake. Whisk your eggs and add in your favorite omelet toppings like cheese, spinach, tomatoes, bell pepper, onion and bacon. Then if you pour your omelet mixture into a heart shaped muffin tin, you’ll end up with brunch that’s almost too adorable to eat.


Galentines day heart-shaped fruit healthy snack

Galentine’s Day Fruit Salad Recipe via Zak Designs

Complete your Galentine’s Day brunch spread with a cute fruit salad. Press a heart shaped cookie cutter into watermelon slices for brunch sized bites, and stem your strawberries into festive little shapes. Your girlfriends are the only ones who will appreciate these charming details anyway, so you may as well pull out all the stops.

Grab your girls on February 13th to celebrate Galentine’s Day the proper way: with brunch and without boyfriends.