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Stori Modern Fairy Tale Outdoor Furniture Collection

Whether you’re looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other or are eschewing the popular lover’s holiday as an independent single badass, celebrating friends is always worthwhile. Thanks to Amy Pohler’s Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day is now recognized as “only the best day of the year” and we’re all for the official excuse to celebrate female friendships. Although the traditional way to commemorate the day, according to Leslie Knope, is for everyone to “come and kick it, breakfast-style,” since we’ve already detailed plans for a Leslie Knope approved Galentine’s Day Brunch, this year if hosting isn’t something you’re able to swing, DIY Galentine’s Day gifts may be the perfect way to celebrate your girlfriends. We’ve handpicked simple DIY Galentine’s Day gifts that won’t try your patience and are pretty enough to make an extra set for yourself.


heart shaped rice krispies treats

DIY Rice Krispies® Valentine Hearts via Lifestyle with Leah

Bake Treats

For a thoughtful indulgence, bake homemade sweet treats for your girlfriends. Making your favorite friends feel special doesn’t need to drive you crazy, which is why we love this easy recipe for Rice Krispie® Valentine hearts. Referencing the nostalgic recipe on the back of the cereal box that we all love, bake the Rice Krispies® according to instructions, and use a heart cookie cutter to form the treats. Melt some pink baking candy in a bowl, either in 30-second increments in a microwave or stovetop using the double boiler method. Once melted dip half of the hearts into the bowl and set the treats on wax paper to harden. As a finishing detail, melt some white chocolate and drizzle across the hearts with a spoon. Package the sweets in cellophane treat bags and tie them with a pretty bow.


diy marbled clay ring dish

DIY Marbled Clay Ring Dish via A Beautiful Mess

Get Crafty

Small, delicate pieces of jewelry can be misplaced so easily, but when there’s a dedicated dish to set the items on, pretty meets practical in the best way. Laura Cummerman from A Beautiful Mess—a self-diagnosed ring litterer—created these beautiful DIY marbled clay ring dishes as a way to keep herself in check on the organization front, and we think they make great DIY Galentine’s Day gifts. Colorful oven bake clay gets twisted, folded and rolled out to create a unique marbled pattern. Then, using an item around your home that’s at least six inches in diameter like a bowl or a small plate as a guide, cut your dish out with an X-Acto knife and place it inside a small oven-safe bowl for baking. The bowl will help form the shape of the dish while protecting it while it bakes. Bake your dish according to the clay instructions and let it fully cool before tipping it out of its baking bowl. As a pretty finishing touch, paint the dish rim using gold liquid gilding and a brush small enough for effortless detailing. Your gals will love the thoughtful, beautiful gift.


diy floral bouquet

DIY Mini Flower Bouquets via Homey Oh My

Make Bouquets

For a lovely little fragrant DIY Galentine’s Day gift, Amy from Homey Oh My created the sweetest DIY mini flower bouquets using a variety of flowers from a local grocery store, pink tissue paper, craft paper, and black cord. Begin by arranging small bundles of flowers and securing with floral tape. Then neatly fold in a cone shape around the flower bundle the tissue paper— making sure the pretty side is facing out—and fold the craft paper over the tissue paper, letting some of the pink tissue peek through as a cute detail. Secure with a cord bow and deliver to your girlfriends. Because nothing brightens someone’s day quite like a fresh flower arrangement. 


stori modern fairy tale ottomon detail with M&M cookies

Stori Modern Fairy Tale Outdoor Furniture Collection

Whether you opt to bake or buy, make or shop, DIY Galentine’s Day gifts don’t need to be complicated or expensive to make your girlfriends feel appreciated. The time and thoughtfulness you invest in small, sweet gestures will be totally worth it when you see their happy smiles. Happy Galentine’s Day! Kick it, DIY style.