Journal Outdoor Iron Furniture by Stori Modern in Yellow

Stori Modern Journal Outdoor Furniture Collection, Photography by Lisa Petrole

Do your “New Year, New You” resolutions already feel like a distant memory? It’s not too late to regroup and make this year your best one yet. But instead of ditching your New Year’s resolutions entirely, opt to switch things up by focusing on monthly goals instead. Not only do monthly goals feel more achievable, they also keep you on track for success. Instead of looming resolutions which can seem overwhelming and nebulous, monthly goals create incremental wins which keep your momentum soaring high. For inspiration we’ve put together our own list of monthly goals to get us through spring.


Healthy meal with Swell water bottle

Monthly Goal Inspiration via GOFITJO

February Goal: Get Hydrated

It’s amazing what water can do for your overall wellness. We’ve all heard the old “eight cups of eight” adage, but it turns out that’s the minimum amount of water your body needs to avoid having problems. If you’re active day-to-day (hint at our March goal) you could easily need double that amount of water to keep you well hydrated. What’s the best way to motivate yourself to drink more water? We like starting with a pretty reusable water bottle you’re able to easily refill throughout the day. Use a habit tracker app so you don’t lose count, add flavor or electrolyte packets for taste if you need to and chug away daily. Being hydrated will help you think clearer, sleep better, eat more consciously and feel fantastic overall. Plus it combats those weekend hangovers nicely.


Healthy hiker

Monthly Goal Inspiration via Fitness on Toast

March Goal: Get Moving

Exercise seems to top the list of most people’s New Year’s resolutions. But instead of thinking you’ll go from couch potato to marathon runner by December, start small by setting the goal of moving for 10 minutes every day. Only 10 minutes. Don’t start over-achieving, opt for consistency instead. Choose something impactful but simple, like walking or yoga. After 31 days of moving for 10 minutes, you’ll have five hours of physical exercise under your belt and will be ready to set your next incremental fitness goal.


Annie the Alchemist Gratitude Journal

Monthly Goal Inspiration via Annie The Alchemist

April Goal: Get Grateful

A huge part of personal wellness is our mental state, and there’s nothing quite like cultivating a gratitude practice to help us focus on what’s good and motivate us to keep those good vibes flowing. Not only have recent studies found that expressing gratitude can make you happier, but famously Oprah swears by her gratitude routine. For the month of April grab a journal and jot down five specific things you’re grateful for every day. You’ll feel emotionally centered and mentally motivated to keep little-by-little accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions, one month at a time.


Journal Outdoor Iron Furniture by Stori Modern in Yellow

Stori Modern Journal Outdoor Furniture Collection, Photography by Lisa Petrole

May Goal: Get Outside

The benefits of being outside are science-backed and compelling. And you don’t have to become a mountain climber or avid hiker to reap the rewards Mother Nature has to offer. Even simply being outdoors—sitting, reading, sipping wine, whatever you like to do—can have a positive impact on your health. Set a goal in May to get outside every day for at least 10 minutes. What you choose to do during your 10 minutes can vary but swapping harsh fluorescents for sunny rays will automatically do wonders for your mental clarity. To make being outside at home more fun, set yourself up for success by making sure your patio has comfortable seating. Our Journal Outdoor Furniture Collection is a favorite for outdoor spaces large or small because of its airy appearance, but don’t let its lightweight look fool you. Journal’s powder coated iron frame makes it unexpectedly hefty, so it’ll withstand weather woes really well. Journal is a place for respite and reflection; a welcome escape for the hustle and bustle of the day. Treat yourself to dinner al fresco at the end of a long workday and accomplish your May goal simultaneously. You won’t regret getting outside more often, and you may even be tempted to stay outside longer with a chic, comfortable outdoor furniture set like Journal.

Here’s to having your best year ever. Happy goal setting!