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After a Winter Storm

Spread love everywhere you go

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Our thoughts are with those who have been negatively impacted by winter storm Uri. Power outages throughout Texas, and in other areas across the U.S. unaccustomed to severe weather, have taken a toll, and in the middle of a pandemic, it’s a hardship many don’t feel the strength to weather. But now that the storms have passed through Texas, it’s important to find ways to give back, help others and learn what to do differently during the next unavoidable natural disaster.


People pushing a car in snow

Winter Storm Volunteers via People

Offer Help

We’re grateful for the many organizations stepping in to offer vital assistance to those in need. If you have more than enough for yourself and your family, consider volunteering or donating to places doing great work, like the American Red Cross, Community Storehouse, or Austin Area Urban League.  


Kids chatting on facetime

Virtual Babysitting Inspiration via Woman’s Day

Reach Out

Now is a great time to be a good neighbor, even from afar. If you know anyone who lives in or has family in affected areas, offer to help in any way you can. Share resources, offer to virtually babysit kids over Zoom, and offer emotional support for those who still need to process shock and frustration. Being a friend who is empathetic and available means so much during hard times.


emergency supplies

Winter Storm Preparedness Inspiration via The Weather Channel


There’s no better time than after a destructive winter storm to evaluate your emergency kit. If you’ve been directly hit by Uri and have used up your supplies, slowly take stock of what you’ll need so you can restock when items are available again in your area. Also, note what would’ve been helpful to have on hand and add those items to your list. For those of us who helplessly watched the winter storm unfold from areas outside of the directly hit regions, do you have a fully-stocked emergency kit? FEMA has a great preparedness guide for what emergency supplies to have on hand, both at home and in your car, and tips on how to protect your home from severe winter weather damage. Use Uri to learn how to become safer and more prepared for future storms.


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Part of going through something hard is allowing yourself time to wrap your head around the struggle. If you’ve been negatively impacted by winter storms, once your power is back on, your water is running and heat is warming your home, sit back and pour yourself a glass of wine. You deserve this time to relax and reflect. We can both be grateful for the good and acknowledge the difficulties without diminishing either.

We’re sending good vibes your way for warmth and safety!